Online Training Service (ENG)

🎙️Welcome to the online course of the DUB-IN Project

This course is designed to be a didactic tool for teachers and trainers who work with people with psychosocial disabilities.

Here you will find all the necessary materials to implement the dub-in program with your students, including: exercises, presentations, content and access to the DUB-IN APP to practice dubbing the video-scenarios proposed.

This online training course is complementary to the Director Curriculum, which you can download and print HERE, and the Mayor Player Programme, which you can also download and print HERE. This last document is designed to provide support to students, who will complete it session by session. Throughout the course, participants will learn about the importance of rhythm, adaptation of the text to pauses, about tone and intonation, the importance of the voice and lip synchronisation. 

This course consists of 6 sessions, all of them with the same structure, the first one is an introductory session, then you will enter into the world of dubbing through different scenarios (Leisure and free time; training and education; transactions; work and family and flat mates).

So, as a trainer, keep the Director Curriculum handy and make sure all participants have their own Major Player Program to be completed!

Now that everything is ready, let’s start with the transformative DUB-IN experience!